Overview and Assignment Home Page for Ms. Faulk's 7th grade English class


You are now entering the world of NUMBER THE STARS as written by Lois Lowry.

Come join our class as we investigate the Johansen family and their Jewish friends, the Rosens.

Class discussions:
  • Examine the facts and important figures in World War II by reading text, viewing interactives, and watching short video clips.
  • Explore with us the realities of living in war time Denmark as opposed to living in a time of peace, as we now do.
  • Examine what it meant to be a Jewish childduring World War II under Nazi oppression. Note: After clicking the link, click Exhibition, scroll down to children's exeriences to hear quotes from children who were victims of World War II.
  • Watch the video of 5 Holocaust survivors who give personal insight into World War II ("Surviving Auschwitz").
  • Ponder the cost of friendship to a Jew during this time period.

number the stars bookcover.jpg
Historical Novel

Group activities:
(Be sure to record your individual contribution to the group project.)

  • Illustrate and complete the class historical concept map of World War II .
  • Create a timeline of events in Denmark during World War II - make this one fit on one page and focus just on the events in Denmark. You can use boxes like the WWII timeline and illustrate them or use a number line type of timeline.
  • Draw a map of the countries involved in the novel, including important landmarks mentioned in the novel.
  • Develop an illustrated plot for Number the Stars - use the PLOT SEQUENCING page to get started.
  • Record an "interview" with one of the characters, including questions which would explain the emotions behind the novel.
  • Create a One-Pager.

ellen & annemarie.jpg
Ellen Rosen & Annemarie Johansen

Individual activities:
(Some will be completed in class, and some will be outside assignments.)
  • Create a character analysis of Annemarie, Ellen, and two other characters.
  • Record a journal/diary entry of one of the girls from one of the suspenseful nights of the novel.
  • Create a book cover for Number the Stars, using symbols to represent central themes of the novel.
  • Write a collection of four different types of poems about Number the Stars.
  • Draw and color a scene from the novel with markers or colored pencils; be sure to use lots of imagery.
  • Create a story map or event pyramid of Number the Stars.